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Eros Elevators Private Limited

EROS is one of the pioneers in the elevator Industry in Mumbai.

Established in 1946 essentially in the business of maintenance of imported elevators, EROS soon took to manufacture, install, maintain and modernize a wide range of elevators.

Today, a private limited company, EROS manufactures state of the art elevators including, Gearless Machine Room-less Elevators for Automobile Elevators & Passenger Elevators, along with standard Passenger, Freight, Hospital, and hydraulic Home Lifts.

Considering the ever increasing demand for finding a solution to car parking problems in major cities across India, the Company has entered into the business of Automated Car Parking Systems and has acquired technology from a reputed South Korean design house.

EROS has successfully installed multiple systems in residential, commercial establishments and hospitals.

The concept of service at EROS is much more than carrying out monthly service and attending break downs. The focus is on nurturing customer relations over the entire life of the equipment.

The company has a Call Centre, with computerized call registration & tracking software capable of generating informative reports which leads to constant improvement in systems and processes within the organization.

Our Service Centers are manned by highly trained and competent teams of technicians and engineers who constantly strive to fulfill the changing needs of our customers.

To date, EROS has installed over 7000 elevators in Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat and as well as abroad.

EROS has also installed special application elevators such as Dust-proof, Flame-proof elevators for Cement plants / pharmaceutical applications.

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